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“Human always takes a central place in my photography.” ~ Stan


Stan has an amazing talent. Through the years, I was working with a lot of professional photographers and I can state that Stan can catch the moment in an authentic way and to create art. The most important thing for me is to flow in serenity during the session. Stan manages to provoke me and to catch a natural moment from me. It was a pleasure for me to be part of his photo session.

Natalia Futekova - Owner at ERP Academy

The emotion he’s trying to recreate during the session is so realistic that they live even after you see the photo afterward. We felt so genuine while he was shooting. We have a lot of photos together with Mihaela but I can say that Stan’s art describes exactly the feelings we have between us.

Martin Lp - Mr. Sofia 2019 Best Body & Mihaela Toshinova - Miss Queen of Freedom World 2019

I had the pleasure to feel like a five-star world-class model being in front of Stan’s camera! He is a master of portraits because his unique approach combines human to human connection and excellent technical skills. He knows how to make you express real emotion, he finds your charismatic trait and underlines them with a perfect composition. I hated taking pictures of me but now I can’t wait for my next photo session.

Deniz Garbev - Dancer/Performer

I have worked with Stanimir on a few projects and I could say his professional attitude and attention to details have resulted in beautiful creations. He has great ideas for the way things should look and I trust him in his opinion. He works fast and the final product is amazing. I enjoy working with him every time.

Krassimir Ganchev - Former Executive Director at Nokia

Love Stories

Plamena & Krassimir

Leader and follower – or at least we like to call it this way. For me it’s a reflection of feminine and masculine or yin and yang or black and white.

Mihaela & Martin

Catch the light, catch the moment, Express the emotion. This is what I always look for.

Natalia & Ventsislav

Love is inevitable. You can either love someone or not. And there’s nothing in between.